Due to the pandemic, Hermes Estate can no longer comfortably bring staff on site for its VIP guests.

The landlords have been working on other projects since early 2020, and have leased the estate to us until at least 2027. The Hermes Estate brand continues to provide & expand on its gift products.

We are therefore now operating as contactless ‘Hermitage Estate’ until the pandemic effects pass.

Guests will no longer have personalised bespoke pampering, (private buttler, chef, chauffeur, executive assistant, daily spa treatments, open bar, turn down, gifts and unlimited provisions etc) at 22,000 per night.

Instead, guests will enjoy a sumptuous yet contactless environment, with all the spacious beauty of the estate and luxury provisions at 2800 per night.

The booking party will still be the only exclusive guests on site, with the Estate all to themselves.

Please visit here to book

~ Julia

Hermes Estate

Private Luxury Retreat

star star star star star star

Bespoke Comfort
Refined Tranquility
Superlative Service.

A Premium Destination In Beautiful Australia

"If There's One Thing At Which We Excel, It's Making You Feel Incredibly Special"
Refined accommodation experience for the selective visitor

We have one guest – You.
No other guests or visitors, just you. And everything* is included in your tariff. Feel like royalty in our heavenly lush valley, at your own private, opulent hotel. Truly a home away from home for refined couples and families. We welcome you as our VIP guest to the warm, sunny Mid North Coast of Australia, in our private, polished manor.

Hermes Estate is very much for those who understand high level service and wish to immerse themselves in a premium, private experience; we like to under-promise and over-deliver. We don’t seek volume occupancy. On the contrary, we preserve the environment and provide very personalized, bespoke, pampering experiences for a select demographic of hedonists.

If you’re tired of paying a premium and receiving a mediocre experience, rest assured the unparalleled quality and bespoke service at Hermes Estate are exceptional. We have high standards and love sharing that with like-minded guests. Experience the ultimate Australian luxury lifestyle retreat, where personalized quality takes priority, customized exclusively to you. Beautiful memories are created at Hermes Estate.

Hermes Estate luxury riverside villa

Hermes Estate is an ultra-luxurious, indulgent escape for the selective visitor. A six star oasis nestled riverside in evergreen hinterlands, elegant Hermes Estate retreat is minutes from beaches, mountains and beautiful towns.

Indulge in your own private hotel-home, where your every desire is provided for. The perfect isolation choice, spacious Hermes Estate is a purely safe sanctuary.

As the only guest on site, the entire five acre (22,000 sq ft) Estate and support staff are at your full disposal. It’s a couple’s wonderland, a VIP’s utopia, an artisan’s paradise – immerse yourself in an unforgettable  experience.

Hermes Estate private hotel champagne breakfast, complimentary Dom Perignon

We aim to provide for your every need; please let us know what we can do to make your stay more comfortable and memorable. “Nothing” is impossible. Your private Butler and concierge are at your beck and call, 24 hours a day.

Enjoy a unique connection to nature, culture and wellness in total privacy. As you glide through the custom wrought iron gates, the classic-contemporary atmosphere engages your senses and nourishes your soul.

We know travel experiences are a beautiful privilege, especially these days, and it’s our honor to nurture that, with bespoke provisions, personalized to your exacting preferences.

Hermes Estate's cozy fireplaces, snuggle with a glas of cognac or a hot chocolate

Every detail has been considered, with no expense spared, to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Excellent hygiene has always been a priority, and valet parking with luggage unpacking is of course provided. Savor European standards of luxury and service, with warm Australian hospitality – not to mention the breathtaking views.  Read about the property’s history here.

Sink into your sumptuous sanctuary, a six star private hotel of discerning luxury.

Antique library of vintage and first edition books in the bibliotheque at Hermes Estate

Imagine a blend of the picturesque Vermont countryside, the lush green of a tropical Fiji rain forest oasis, and the supreme luxury of the finest hotel in Paris. With a personal warm welcome and fresh organic cuisine, expect to feel thoroughly pampered.

Hermes Estate features health and wellness packages, as well as natural and cultural experiences for those seeking self improvement or adventure. You’re never just another visitor at Hermes, but rather our special guest.

Hermes Estate's sumptous, luxury decor for complete comfort.

Gorgeous design – With its handsome architecture and soaring vaulted ceilings, the spacious elegant villa offers a sense of contentment and peace.

Flooded with natural light, the classic, comforting decor of haute French influence will calm you, body, mind and soul. With a mountain view suite and a rainforest view suite, wherever you lay your eyes exists gorgeous views and ambiance.

Please contact us regarding photo shoots and filming.

Hermes Estate riverside on the freshwater Never Never River

As an added bonus, the Estate is nestled into the fertile, mossy banks of the fresh, pristine Never Never River. As the Estate’s guest, you have 500m of private riverfront all to yourself.

A cool, canopied oasis, surrounded by lush rainforest, the river area is a true escape from the rest of the world. Absorb the sound of the water trickling over the smooth, cool rocks and feel your worries floating away with it.

As nature performs her gentle extraction of stress, replacing it with natural calm and wellbeing, you will absorb the peace and balance of the area. We must never separate ourselves completely from nature.

Elegant luxury and comfort at your private villa

Experience Hermes Estate as you wish, enjoying relaxation, wellness or adventure. Select from an organic wellness retreat experience, or a luxury vacation escape.

As our special guest, you will be provided with the finest of everything, ensuring your days or weeks at the retreat are not only long remembered, but deeply beneficial.

In a world where a lot of luxury experiences end up feeling rather pretentious and empty, we strive for authentic pampering within a comfortable environment, and look forward to seeing you smile.

Private airstrip and helicopter arrival, be chaufferued to Hermes Estate Villa

For absolutely private arrival, Coffs Harbour offers an airstrip for private planes and helicopters, where our chauffeur can collect you.

Our chauffeur can also collect you from a commercial flight in our discreet, late model luxury vehicle, with tinted windows.

Total and complete confidentiality is offered for our selective guests, who value their privacy.

*Please contact us for our wonderful list of inclusions.
More exclusive cigars, wines and activities may attract additional cost.

About the Hermes Estate name

Hermes was the ancient Greek god of travel, luck, wealth, hospitality, language, fertility and sleep. One of the cleverest and most mischievous of the Olympian gods, he was the patron of shepherds. He invented the lyre, and was, above all, the herald and messenger of Mt. Olympus. The Romans knew him as Mercury. It was for this meaning Hermes was chosen as the figurehead of the retreat. Hermes Estate has no affiliation with the “HERMÈS” fashion label.

Promised Land, Gleniffer, Australia
Luxury Features


  • Hermes Estate is an exceptional, indulgent six-star Australian riverside sanctuary for selective couples and families. Nestled in the gorgeous, lush valley of Gleniffer the area is aptly known as the 'Promised Land'. Named after Hermes, the Greek god of travel, hospitality and success, the tree-covered, tranquil Estate is secluded and private.
  • Only 12 minutes' drive from Australia's most beautiful town, Bellingen, and 40 minutes' drive from Coffs Harbour airport (complimentary chauffeur provided). About one hour helicopter or jet flight from Sydney or Brisbane, one and half hours from Melbourne; Coffs Harbour offers an airstrip for private aircraft.
  • Luxurious, private surroundings; hire the entire 5 acre (22,000 sq ft) Estate as your secret countryside hideaway, with every possible comfort provided. The grounds are lush and gorgeous all year round, on Australia's mild and sunny Mid North Coast.
  • Choose relaxation, adventure or wellness. Soak in the tranquil, peaceful beauty of the Estate, enjoy some of our interesting local activities, or indulge in the healing self-improvement of our professional wellness treatments.
  • A classic, elegant villa with personal studio for spa treatments, the Estate also offers you our private butler & chef, a grand piano, and blissful, lush gardens which are meticulously maintained, and much, much more. A special haven of beautiful, peaceful energy, with personalized touches throughout, we are renowned for our bespoke pampering experiences.
  • Enjoy high quality brands, fresh certified organic produce, and the crystal-clear, pristine private river for swimming & meditation. The aroma-light therapy outdoor spa is surrounded by beautifully scented Magnolia trees and overlooks the pond, gazebo and mountain views. A feast for the senses, you're surrounded by superior quality and resplendent nature year round.
  • Laundry, housekeeping and chauffeur are provided, and all thoughtful conveniences are provided for you. Be awed by the immense beauty of the lovely area, while immersed in ultimate comfort. We carefully maintain a balance between formal elegance and relaxed comfort.
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime: Ideas include a relaxing vacation, private elopement wedding destination, romantic honeymoon nest, a detox treatment and wellness stay, VIP hibernation escape, artist's inspirational stay, anniversary celebration, or simply an Australian experience with local activities for the international or interstate visitor.
  • Once named 'Seventh Heaven', the energy of the property is pure love and harmony. We can't wait to share the heavenly aura with you as our valued guest.
  • Hermes was the ancient Greek god of travel, luck, wealth, hospitality, language, fertility and sleep. One of the cleverest and most mischievous of the Olympian gods, he was the patron of shepherds. He invented the lyre, and was, above all, the herald and messenger of Mt. Olympus. The Romans knew him as Mercury. It was for this meaning Hermes was chosen as the figurehead of the retreat. Hermes Estate has no affiliation with the “HERMÈS” fashion label.


Luxury holiday villa at Hermes Estate private hotel
Couples paradise - a romantic fireplace at Hermes Estate
Gorgeous, elegant Hermes Estate, your private hotel
Delicious cuisine from your private executive French chef
About Hermes Estate five star private hotel, Australia
Hermes Estate rainforest view country hotel five star suite
East wing rainforest suite, Hermes Estate hotel
West Mountain Suite, five star hotel Australia
Hermes Estate mountain view country hotel five star suite
Hermes Estate fine Dom Perignon champagne
Hermes Estate private library, first edition antique books
Hermes Estate cozy cigar room and fireplaces call for a beverage and a snuggle.
Luxury five star private dining room and personal executive chef
Luxury dining area in the Hermes Estate villa
Never Never River
Hermes Estate alfresco dining -private hotel luxury accommodations
Formal gardens at Hermes Estate luxury retreat
Hermes Estate - evening arrival
Hermes Estate fresh water river for swimming and meditation
Champagne alfresco breakfast at Hermes Estate
Hermes Estate media room with gorgeous view outlook
Hermes Estate - guest welcome gift box
Play the elegant grand piano at Hermes Estate
Heavenly aromatherapy massage, relataxtion in your private spa studio
Delicious high end fine cuisine from your private executive chef at Hermes Estate
Branded solid sterling silver flatware at Hermes Estate
Elegant high tea party at Hermes Estate
Hermes Etate sophisticated cocktail hours and appertif served by yiur private butler

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