Due to the pandemic, Hermes Estate can no longer comfortably bring staff on site for its VIP guests.

The landlords have been working on other projects since early 2020, and have leased the estate to us until at least 2027. The Hermes Estate brand continues to provide & expand on its gift products.

We are therefore now operating as contactless ‘Hermitage Estate’ until the pandemic effects pass.

Guests will no longer have personalised bespoke pampering, (private buttler, chef, chauffeur, executive assistant, daily spa treatments, open bar, turn down, gifts and unlimited provisions etc) at 22,000 per night.

Instead, guests will enjoy a sumptuous yet contactless environment, with all the spacious beauty of the estate and luxury provisions at 2800 per night.

The booking party will still be the only exclusive guests on site, with the Estate all to themselves.

Please visit here to book

~ Julia

4WD Drive Through The Subtropical Rainforest

Subtropical Rain Forest Drives in Australia

The beautiful Mid North Coast of Australia, sometimes referred to as ‘Coffs Coast’ due to its proximity to the largest town in the area, Coffs Harbour, is abundant with diverse environments, some of which is subtropical rainforest. You can take a car and drive yourself, or ask your butler to arrange a chauffeur to drive you through the area.

The Orara Escarpment driving route for 4WDs is a short 80 km round-trip from Coffs Harbour central. However short does not always mean uninteresting! The visit takes you through the remote Eucalypt forests, and meanders through the sub-tropical rainforests of the area. Since there are plenty of picnic spots and swimming holes along the way, in pristine fresh rivers, it makes for an ideal family day trip or part of a weekend away.

You will climb over 600m high as you drive up the Orara Escarpment, then make your way through gorgeous rain forests and Eucalypt bush land, until you arrive at the spectacular Bangalore Falls. Stop at the lookout to take in the magnificent views, and listen to the waterfall, the elegant power of nature.

It’s an ideal spot for lunch – bring some supplies and have a picnic here, or continue driving through the subtropical rainforest until you discover the Urumbilum picnic area. After a bite, you should definitely take the short walk down-stream to explore the Urumbilum Falls. Please be sure to collect all your belongings and rubbish, and leave only your tyre marks and footprints in the beautiful forests.

Head back up through lush tree ferns, hoop pines and lovely cabbage tree palms on Range Road, where you can see magnificent old-growth forest along Langleys Road. The history and energy of the place will leave you in awe. If you enjoy bird-watching, you’ll be in your element here. Be sure to keep your eyes open for lyrebirds, funny little bush turkeys and glossy black cockatoos along the way.

For more information: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/4wd-touring-routes/orara-escarpment-4wd-touring-route

Subtropical rainforest 4WD tours in a 4x4
Subtropical 4WD drives through rainforest and Eucalypt forests.