Dedicated Cigar Suite

Only those who know and appreciate cigars will appreciate the importance and indulgence of a cigar room. Since the deep, rich scent of a cigar can permeate the fabrics and materials of a room, we have created the cigar suite in which you may indulge your inner aficionado, without leaving a lingering smoke scent in the Villa.

Hermes Estate offers a collection of premium cigars for the connoisseur, from entry level luxury to some of the most exclusive and expensive luscious cigars in the world. Flick through Cigar Magazines as you puff on the cigar listed on some of the top 25 cigar lists. Delight your senses with the rich flavor and scent, as the smooth smoke lazily caresses you and rises like fairy dust into the ceiling above.

The concave ceiling is extremely high, capturing a majority of the delicious rising smoke. The doors to the cigar suite close off from the main villa, creating a cozy private smoking space. The room has been installed with an exhaust air conditioning system to remove all trace, and all the doors of the cigar room open to the garden, allowing your Butler to let fresh air to permeate the room daily.

Hermes Estate strives to keep staff as invisible as possible from all guests, unless guests consent to/ request attention.




Smooth warm cognac or scotch whiskey with a rich, quality cigar
Fine cigars in the smoking room of the Hermes Estate villa
Cigar aficionado favorites, top 25 cigars collection
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