Bellingen and its surrounding country areas offer beautiful accommodation options. From vintage farmhouses, to federation homesteads, to modern villas, to luxurious estates. Whether you’re a family on Summer holidays at the Never Never Creek or Bellinger River, a couple on Honeymoon, a celebrity seeking private solace and hibernation, or a stressed someone seeking a luxury health retreat, Bellingen has what you seek.

The town of Bellingen is quaint brimming with olde world country charm and boutique gourmet specialties. It offers all you need for a simple picnic to a gourmet dinner. Most produce is locally sourced, organic and fresh. The idyllic town of 3000-odd population is self sustained and has been for decades. It is an elegant little destination, extremely picturesque, and offering a mixture of beautifully historical and high quality contemporary. Some areas look like they’re straight out of a movie.

The cafes are cute & rustic yet extremely warm and cozy, with high end choices and friendly faces. The food is incredible,  mostly hand made by resident chefs & bakers. The people are polite, and the community welcoming. Driving out over Lavender bridge, you can turn left into Gleniffer road, and make your way out to the Promised Land, perhaps the most beautiful place in all of Australia. Hence the name.


Beautiful Bellingen area scenery.
Beautiful countryside area of Bellingen, on the way to Promised Land


In Promised Land, the picturesque, movie-perfect scenery and peaceful atmosphere is more apparent than anywhere, and the atmosphere will excite you and relax you at once. The accommodations available within the Promised Land area vary. Besides the five star Hermes Estate, other local B&B stays are available for those seeking less opulent rooms.

Whether close to the Never Never River, or with private river frontage, the accommodation in Bellingen and particularly the Promised Land in Gleniffer will give you access to the cooling pristine waters of the the fresh Never Never River. Flowing straight from the Crystal Falls of Dorrigo Mountains, the river is untouched, unpolluted and absolutely magical. The entire area is magical in fact, and from the sparkling waters of the river to the lush green fields year round, the atmosphere is absolutely unmatched in terms of tranquility, warmth, friendship and love.