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Healthy, life-giving, plant-based, whole-food mealsYour royal treatment extends to your dining experience at Hermes Estate. Our fabulous French chefs are both exceptionally talented, and are design masters creating superb presentation. Flavors and textures are perfectly balanced, and colors abound.

When it comes to cuisine, Hermes Estate’s focus is on local, organic ingredients, preparing delicious, creative dishes with Low Human Intervention. The ideal diet for humans is whole food; as close to its natural state as possible. However for those looking to indulge, the menu can be quite delectable indeed!

Whether health-focused or pleasure-focused, our personal chef will create incredible, nutritious dishes that encourage vitality and rejuvenation from the inside out. One of our secrets is freshness. Your ingredients will have been picked and prepared less than an hour prior to being served.

Those of you undergoing wellness treatments, will forget you’re eating a wellness menu, such is the delicious dance of flavors on your tongue… Menus are offered in accordance with your dietary needs for your approval prior to visiting. Custom menu requests are also available, of course.

While we do accommodate your dining requests via our consultation, our delicious classic dishes are generally plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free. We encourage you to try the whole-food plant based recipes, if you haven’t before. You may be surprised at how delicious it is to be healthy! Our recipes are clean and pure; If you wish, you can be shown how to prepare your favorite dishes, so you can recreate them at home.


Organic produce with low human intervention

The importance of organic food in the reduction of toxicity cannot be understated. The health benefits are significant; Food grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are obviously superior in terms of health. Food grown from natural and heirloom seeds remove the GMO (genetically modified) issues.

Buying and eating organic food also reduces your environmental impact, something about which we all need to be aware.

Life-giving, pure foods with as little human intervention as possible provide us with nature’s perfect balance of fiber, anti-oxidants, nutrients and more.

We look forward to showing you the abundant energy, health and longevity available to you when you live a plant-based lifestyle. We offer scientific facts and details about the masses of misinformation and ‘diet’ marketing, to show you a clear path through all the noise.

If, however, after a little information and taste test, you still prefer other types of food, we will happily accommodate your preferences. After all, the ultimate goal is for you to be wonderfully relaxed and happy.


fine dining cuisine at Hermes Estate


Delicious cuisine from your private executive French chef


Exclusive dishes at Hermes Estate, fine dining cuisine


Phenomenal dishes from our executive French chef; fine diming with French cuisine