Mature couples are welcome retreat guests
Mature Retired couples are welcome at Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat.

When you retire, how you spend your golden years is a significant choice that you have to make, because it will have a huge impact on the quality of life. After your retirement, you’re free to go anywhere and do anything, really. It’s the first time in your life since childhood where you can set your own routine!

You want to be able to spend your retirement years traveling to enjoy things you’ve never seen, and experiences you’ve never had. You want to visit a beautiful community that is warm, friendly, comfortable, and inviting. Ideally surrounded by beauty and by friendly locals.

If all these things sound like the perfect way to spend your vacations after you retire, you should consider spending some of your holidays at the Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat. The retreat is situated in the most beautiful and peaceful area of Australia, and will take your breath away.

The Promised Land in Bellingen, which can be found in the Coffs Harbour Area on the Mid-North Coast of Australia, is renowned for its incredible beauty. Almost Paradise. The natural beauty of this place is something that looks like it should be on a postcard or in a movie: rolling, protective hills and mountains, a lush country side, and a crystal clear fresh water river lazily winding its way through. Whether winter, spring, summer or autumn, the place is stunning year-round.

At Hermes Estate Retreat, you can find luxurious and comfortable accommodations, where you can wake up to gentle summer breezes and gorgeous blue skies almost every single day. Yet every day will bring a new vista.

During the winter season, you can spend your nights relaxing by a warm open fire, allowing the gentle and tranquil energy of Hermes Estate to soothe you as you sip a hot cocoa.

In Summer and Spring, enjoy the warm fresh breezes, the cool, clear water of the Never Never River, and abundant fresh organic produce. Retire to the air conditioned comfort of the villa when you’re ready to unwind.

However, don’t think that that elite accommodations at Hermes Estate Retreat means that you will be surrounded by “elitist” people. Here at Hermes Estate, we treat all of our guests as part of our family, and you will be around staff who are extremely friendly, inviting, and ready for a quick chat over a cup of coffee if you feel so inclined.

For the most part, you’ll be left to your own devices; privacy and tranquility are priorities here. We’re here if you need us, out of sight if you’re happy alone. It’s all about your enjoyment and happiness, so soak up the stress-free, stunning beauty of the villa and grounds, and explore the heavenly beauty of the areas surrounding. Go for hikes, horse ride, bike ride, swim, wander, shop, relax. As you wish.

Everything about Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat is an inviting welcome with love, that tells you to relax, put up your feet, and bask in the enjoyment you should be feeling in your retirement years. You’ve earned it.