Due to the pandemic, Hermes Estate can no longer comfortably bring staff on site for its VIP guests.

The landlords have been working on other projects since early 2020, and have leased the estate to us until at least 2027. The Hermes Estate brand continues to provide & expand on its gift products.

We are therefore now operating as contactless ‘Hermitage Estate’ until the pandemic effects pass.

Guests will no longer have personalised bespoke pampering, (private buttler, chef, chauffeur, executive assistant, daily spa treatments, open bar, turn down, gifts and unlimited provisions etc) at 22,000 per night.

Instead, guests will enjoy a sumptuous yet contactless environment, with all the spacious beauty of the estate and luxury provisions at 2800 per night.

The booking party will still be the only exclusive guests on site, with the Estate all to themselves.

Please visit here to book

~ Julia

Luxury Honeymoon Accommodation Australia

Luxury Honeymoon Accommodation in The Promised Land

Whether you seek a purpose-built exclusive Honeymoon villa, or just an exclusive, romantic getaway for luxury couples, Hermes Estate is the perfect exclusive couples retreat. The secluded serenity will delight you, and having your private frontage of pristine Never Never River means you can spend hot afternoons or evenings in the river together, enjoying the wonderfully cool, relaxing environment, uninterrupted.  We’ve outlined some ideas for you to consider below :

Honeymoons in Bellingen

Enjoy a Honeymoon getaway in Bellingen
Lovely Couple enjoying their honeymoon in Bellingen

It can be tough to find a stunning wedding venue in Bellingen, and more so to find a wedding venue in the Promised Land, however there are a few very beautiful offerings in the area. But once the music dies down and everyone goes home, where do the bride and groom retire to, to enjoy their wedding night?

You may consider a private elopement, which would allow you to marry in The Promised Land, Gleniffer. But if you want a big lavish wedding, or even a handful of friends present, you’ll need a venue to accommodate you. Then what?

Cottages for honeymoons in Bellingen range from very opulent to rather casual and rustic. A Bellingen getaway can be everything you dreamed of, or a bit disappointing. Be sure to research and book the atmosphere you seek.

If you’re the Bohemian type who enjoys vintage or rustic surroundings, or the more modern type who likes clean, streamlined construction, you will no doubt find exactly what you seek.

However if you’re a couple who seeks ultimate luxury within a gorgeous country surrounding, you’ll be seeking upscale comfort and elegance in the country. Not always the most available option on the Mid North Coast.  Hermes Estate hopes to fill that niche. You hire the entire Estate, with your private butler, chauffeur, chef and concierge on standby just for you.

Your first week or two together as husband and wife is very special, and will remain in your memories forever. You definitely want it to be an incredibly beautiful atmosphere, whatever that means to you, where your memories will be pleasant and enjoyable. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a special night when there are draughts, an uncomfortable mattress, the wrong lighting, interruptions etc. Worse, you don’t want unpleasant staff or proprietors causing you stress!

Rest assured, at the relaxing, luxurious Hermes Estate private retreat, we bring true European luxury to the Australian countryside. A perfect balance of picturesque country views and high end comfort. Your first night as a married couple will be unforgettable. And the rest of your stay will be magical. It’s the place you may return to every year on your anniversary, for 50 years. How romantic ♥

Riverside Luxury Honeymoon Accommodation

Couples seeking romantic, luxury couples accommodation for their honeymoon or anniversary will want a lot of alone time, where they can spend as much time together as possible to connect. Of course there may be outings and enjoyable activities, but the main focus of the getaway is each other.

Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat offers uninterrupted and secluded elegance, with your own private swimming hole a few steps away. Down a few rainforest steps or wander around the paving through lush formal gardens, and you’re there. There is nowhere more secluded, peaceful, picturesque or romantic. If you feel like skinny dipping, just let your butler know; nobody will ever see. For all you know, it’s just you and your love in the whole wide world.

You’ll feel miles away from any stress, worries or obligations. Just relax, let go, and be.  With the healing effects of being close to someone you care about, and the healing effects of nature itself, you can be sure your worries will be quickly absorbed and replaced with deep contentment and calm. It’s absolutely magical.


Book a couples retreat or Anniversary getaway in the Promised Land
Couple enjoying their honeymoon in The Promised Land – Early morning stroll.

Luxury Honeymoon Cottage On The Never Never River

If you’ve been waiting for a luxurious hideaway that gives you complete and total privacy in the Promised Land, Gleniffer, then you’ve found it. The river referred to above is the coveted Never Never River front, of which 500 metres are all yours, uninterrupted. You may hear the faint voices of some swimmers wafting down on the breeze in Summer, from the swimming hole further upstream. However you’ll have your own personal area to swim, where tourists do not frequent.

When you’re done cooling off, warm up again in the private acreage of Hermes Estate retreat grounds. Your butler can bring you a picnic, or some beverages with which to relax. Wander around the grounds and discover the little pathways and nooks. Have our chef create something magical with the fresh, organic produce on site. Summer time is absolutely magical in the Promised land. However the Gleniffer area is spectacular all year round. Enjoy the floral displays & greenery in Summer, and the crisp beauty and fog of Winter.

Winter getaways are captivating in Bellingen. At Hermes Estate, the open combustion fire place offers a truly cozy environment. Your private butler will light and maintain the fire for you to enjoy. Alternatively you may wish to indulge in fire-lighting yourself; in fact it’s part of the fun of the country experience, to build a fire and spend time in front of it. Roast marshmallows on sticks, enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa, or just enjoy a conversation in the romantic, ambient atmosphere. Of course there is central heating in the villa to maintain an even temperature throughout the day and evening, regardless of whether you use the fireplace or not.

If you’re a bit of a pianist, tinkle away on the exclusive polished grand piano, taking pride of place in the corner of the cathedral-like living area. The plush hand-made silk rugs, high gloss floors, muted wallpaper and elegant moldings will take you back in time to when class and luxury were standard style. Sink into the comfortable sofas and sip a hot chocolate or iced tea, while watching the world lazily move by your floor-to-ceiling windows. And if it’s raining or thunder-storming… Heaven!

Whatever time of year you decide to visit with us, expect nature to put on a wonderful show for you. Blooms and greenery in Summer, Crisp golden leaves in Autumn, Cozy fires and fog hovering around lovely bare branches in Winter, and the glorious scent of freshly cut grass, with newborn baby animals in Spring. This location is unmatched, and beloved by all who visit.


Always together - returning to Bellingen for Anniversary retreat
Always together – a romantic getaway in the Mid North Coast Australia

Upscale Wedding Venue And Villa, Promised Land

Are you looking for a wedding venue in Bellingen or the Promised Land? Lovely Cedar Bar in Bellingen Town offers a nearby option for holding your wedding and reception. Hermes Estate is waiting to receive you when it’s time to retire. Our chauffeur will collect you and your new spouse, and bring you to the pampering nest of the lush Gleniffer Valley, just 12 minutes’ drive away. Otherwise, allow us to assist you in arranging a very special and sacred private elopement, on site.

Contact us now and we’ll assist you in planning your beautiful elopement wedding day & honeymoon stay.


helicopter arrival to Hermes Estate, Gleniffer Australia