Beautiful bedding, luxury bedspread for visitors to Honeysuckle Luxury Retreat
Beautiful bedding and luxury bedspread

When you come to the Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat, it’s only natural that you would want your stay to be as relaxing, comfortable, and problem-free as possible. The Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat in the Promised Land of Gleniffer, near Bellingen, is a beautiful and tranquil place to stay. However if your own heart and mind are troubled and cluttered, it won’t do you much good for very long!

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you come to stay at Hermes Estate Retreat, so that you can absorb the most benefits and experience the highest stress relief possible.

  • Bring all your necessary retreat items

Whether it’s a favorite book (though we have plenty here to choose from), a beloved piece of sleepwear, or even your preferred bed time drink (though again, we are happy to cater for all your requests), bringing something familiar with you to Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat will help you relax and feel more comfortable quickly.

  • Plan Ahead

When you get to Hermes Estate Retreat, you don’t want life to get in the way, so make sure to clear your plate as much as possible. Do a little bit of extra work ahead of time. Delegate your work to someone else. Leave a note with friends not to disturb you for a while. Let others know you will be out of town for awhile. Even turn off your phone and tell them you will be out of range in a rural area! (Though in reality Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat has excellent phone coverage)  Make sure that you do all you need to, so that your world won’t miss you during your visit.

  • Take Care of Yourself

During your days before you arrive at Hermes Estate Retreat, and after arrival, why not create a short and simple exercise routine? Some simple stretching or yoga can do wonders for you, especially when it comes to making you feel energized, yet relaxed at the same time! If you already have a workout routine, you will be able to maintain it once you arrive at the Retreat. The Estate offers a personal trainer by request, so you can maintain your fitness even while on a break. The body needs movement, the mind requires stillness.

  • Just be Quiet

One of the best things about the Hermes Estate is how quiet everything is! It’s so serene and peaceful. Whether it’s at the retreat villa itself, the surrounding gardens, the Never Never River or the surrounding countryside. Breathe in the serenity and peace. Allow yourself to become still, and clarity will enter. To ensure you take it all in, be silent within yourself. You’ll be able to hear yourself think, feel your instincts, and understand what the word ‘centred’ means. The calm, stress-free energy of the property will wash away all your stress and worries, for just awhile so you can hear yourself. And your higher self generally has all the answers.