Personal Butler

Personal Attention And Assistance

Enjoy the comforts of a personal butler and concierge to assist you with anything you need. Appreciate the convenience of having a personal chauffeur to bring you to your activities and tours, or to being you things you’d like from town.

Your butler is at your service, and will assist you with things such as

  • greeting you on arrival
  • unpacking and packing your luggage (with your consent)
  • maintaining excellent hygiene throughout the villa, between housekeeping visits.
  • serving meals and beverages
  • serving canapes and champagne
  • bringing refreshing towelettes as needed
  • preparing breakfast in bed if you wish
  • keeping your fruit bowl fresh
  • arranging and maintaining flowers throughout the villa
  • turning down your bed and preparing your suite for sleep
  • bringing extra towels/ pillows/ blankets as needed
  • adjusting/ exchanging your pillows as needed
  • managing your laundry and ironing
  • bringing your slippers
  • adjusting the temperature
  • adjusting the lighting
  • controling the ambiance and music
  • controling the scent
  • anticipating your needs before you ask
  • lighting your cigars
  • bringing wood for the fire in winter
  • lighting the fire
  • preparing areas before you attend, like the outdoor spa
  • giving advice about the area
  • managing your itinerary, as well as any booked tours & activities
  • valeting your vehicle if you drive to Hermes Estate
  • many more little unnoticed services to make your stay flawless

Your chauffeur will be the one to collect you from the airport if you fly. Chauffeur will be ready minutes before your departure to any tours or activities, and will bring you any additional items you may have forgotten or feel the need for. Always available for you within store-opening hours, your chauffeur will always have refreshing towelettes, fresh water and breath mints available for your comfort.

You can do as little or as much as you wish at Hermes Estate. You are here to be pampered and to relax. Whatever you need, just call.