Books, Books, Books! ♥  We’ve created a wonderful little library collection for you to indulge your inner bookworm. Nothing wrong with a little Bibliophilia.. Click here to read about our featured library area. Our beautiful biblioteque holds titles from many different genres, languages and eras. Many rare and antique pre-1800s and first editions grace the shelves in our collection.

Please ask your butler to provide you with fresh white cotton gloves, and please be gentle; some of the antique books have delicate spines. The scent of old books is heavenly, isn’t it? The Estate owner can often be found in eccentric little bookstores and estate auctions around the world, sniffing and acquiring old books!

We also stock many general novels, childhood favorites and other modern reading material, should you prefer something more contemporary or nostalgic.


Hermes Estate private library, first edition antique books