Indulgent, heavenly treatments are also included in your tariff; we will happily go through the treatment options with you during your consultation, and provide a menu of available treats to nourish the soul. To add to the revitalization and healing energy of your stay with us, we have two qualified relaxation therapists to provide Remedial massage or Aromatherapy relaxing massage in your private spa salon, in addition to luxury facial, manicure and pedicure treatments.

Indoor or outdoor treatments, as the mood and weather dictate. Massage can also help immensely with the enhancement of some of the special treatments like detoxification and weight control treatments. (View some of our wellness treatments here.)

If you’re staying with us in preparation for your lovely wedding day, why not include a morning massage to help calm your nerves? You’ll glow with calm beauty. When spending time with us at Hermes Estate to de-stress, a daily massage is recommended to encourage the body to continue returning to the new relaxed state, creating new physical cell memory and aligning Meridian flow patterns. This can lead to longer lasting tranquility and the increased ability to cope with stress in every day life. Our coping ability can largely depend on habit.

Nothing is as soothing and comforting as human touch. Sometimes we don’t even realize how knotted and stressed we are until someone’s skilled, healing hands start to smooth over our aching muscles. Massages can be conducted in our beauty studio, in your room, or outside in the beautiful gardens of Hermes Estate. Upon booking your stay with us, you will be given a list of options from which to select.

Since several days notice is required for massage bookings (sometimes up to two weeks, depending on the time of year), it is best to let us know when you book your reservation if you’re interested in indulging in wonderful private massages or other spa treatments. We can’t wait to spoil you!

Indulge in a remedial massage or relaxing massage. Aromatherapy massage can be very beneficial.