♥ The Royal Treatment Continues

At Hermes Estate Luxury Retreat, we take the 'Luxury' part of our name seriously.

No expense has been spared to ensure your experience is exceptional. We’ve put a lot of time and thought into arranging every detail for you, so your stay is like coming home, whether it’s your first stay with us, or your twentieth. Absorb the genteel magic of the atmosphere, and be pampered and nurtured back to optimal health.  Or at least to optimal calm & relaxation! Below, you’re invited to browse through some of the pleasant inclusions we’ve put together, just for you:


As our special guest at Hermes Estate, our only guest, you have a private assistant available to you 24/7 during your stay. You can have as much attention or privacy as you require. In conjunction with your personal concierge, all your needs can be met by your attentive and professional butler. The guest guide booklet available for you in the villa will provide most of the general information you may need, however as your support team, we’ll be there for you. A private phone number is provided to you for messaging or calling, and the Hermes Villa call buttons allow you to summon your butler anytime you need to. We remain at your disposal, day and night.


VIP private butler
Allow your private butler to tend to your every need.


Hermes Estate offers a range of high quality indulgences, both complimentary and available for purchase.

Vacation Guests: Initially on arrival, you will enjoy a complimentary bottle of chilled Dom Perignon champagne and delicious Haigh’s chocolates or fine canapes.  A cool refreshing peppermint face towel is on offer for you to freshen if you’d like a brief tour of the Villa, before returning to your suite to freshen for dinner.

Some other items on offer include an exclusive cellar of Penfolds wines, Hennessy X.O Cognac, luscious Grandfather Port, high end Aged Scotch Whiskies and other exclusive spirit and wine brands. Not to mention several levels of champagne. Also a variety of premium cigars including elite Padron, Monte Cristo, Cohiba, and more. We recommend you arrange a massage for an hour or two after your arrival. It’s the perfect way to ease into the relaxing tranquility at Hermes Estate. Our lemongrass and peppermint essential oils will assist you in recovering from any jet lag.

*Custom requests catered for; please mention your preferences during your consultation. Our concierge will endeavor to provide for your every desire.


Wellness Guests: On arrival, wellness guests will be greeted with a fresh juice or herbal tea, along with fresh fruit. A cool refreshing peppermint face towel is on offer for you to freshen if you’d like a brief tour of the Villas, before returning to your suite to freshen for dinner.

Some other items on offer are essential oil compresses, fresh salad canapes, delicious smoothies and iced herbal teas. If you are indulging in a wellness treatment where massages are included, we recommend you arrange your first massage for an hour or two after your arrival. It’s the perfect way to ease into the relaxing ocean of calm at Hermes Estate.

*Custom requests catered for; please mention your preferences at the time of booking. Our concierge will endeavor to provide for your every desire.


Elite provisions for Hermes Estate guests. Dom Perignon champagne, Hennessy XO Cognac, Padron cigars


Our luxury escape is intended to be a very private and tranquil environment for you. Since you hire the entire Estate, you should feel entirely secluded and private here. We won’t impose without your invitation.

Therefore, should you need anything at all during your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your private support staff will be delighted to assist you anytime, day or night. We have provided you with a personal guest guide booklet in the villa to share information about the villa and the area, including a private contact number.

However should you need anything further, we remain at your service. We’re just a message, email or phone call away, 24 hours a day.


Personal concierge and private butler to assist you with all your needs and questions.


Hermes Estate proudly stocks and supplies only the finest quality products, brands and ingredients for our selective and special guests. We have chosen water from our supply partner Cape Grim, claimed to be the purest water on earth. Available in sparkling and still varieties, this water is, without exaggeration, like raindrops kissing your lips. Please read more about this wonderful product on their website: Cape Grim Water

Cape Grim, home of the purest water in the world


Nourish the soul. To add to the revitalization and healing energy of your stay with us, we have two qualified relaxation therapists to provide Remedial massage or Aromatherapy relaxing massage in your private spa salon (in addition to facial, manicure and pedicure treatments). Indoor or outdoor treatments, as the mood strikes you. Massage can also help immensely with the enhancement of some of the special treatments like detoxification and weight control treatments. (View some of our wellness treatments here.)

If you’re staying with us in preparation for your lovely wedding day, why not include a morning massage to help calm your nerves? You’ll glow with calm beauty. When spending time with us at Hermes Estate to de-stress, a daily massage is recommended to encourage the body to continue returning to the new relaxed state, creating new physical cell memory and aligning Meridian flow patterns. This can lead to longer lasting tranquility and the increased ability to cope with stress in every day life. Our coping ability can largely depend on habit.

Nothing is as soothing and comforting as human touch. Sometimes we don’t even realize how tight and stressed we are until someone’s skilled, healing hands start to smooth over our aching muscles. Massages can be conducted in our beauty studio, in your room, or outside in the beautiful gardens of Hermes Estate. Upon booking your stay with us, you will be given a list of options from which to select. Since several days notice is required for massage bookings (sometimes up to two weeks, depending on the time of year), it is best to let us know when you book your reservation if you’re interested in indulging in wonderful private massages or other spa treatments.

Indulge in a remedial massage or relaxing massage. Aromatherapy massage can be very beneficial.


Do you feel like being pampered and spoiled? Just feel like staying snuggled in bed in your comfy pyjamas? It’s understandable; your Hermes Estate bed is incredibly cozy!

On the days you just want to indulge yourself – as well you should whenever possible – simply request the Breakfast In Bed service. Your gracious Butler sill bring you everything you need on perfectly lovely individual trays. Our incredible fresh-made baked goods with imported French butter, super-fresh produce and fresh brewed coffee is delightful,whether from the comfort of your cozy bed, alfresco on the terrace, or at the table.

When a special morning is in order, a special effort is made to make you feel ensconced in comfort. Sit back and take in the magnificent view as you sip your coffee or juice, and nibble on fresh fruits and pastries. What a perfect start to a lovely, leisurely day.

Breakfast in bed at Hermes Estate



Rather than low quality re-branded products, Hermes Estate has chosen the lovely iKOU company, to provide your superb bath and body products. These are one of our gifts to you during your stay.

iKOU is a wonderful company based in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia, which manufactures organic, natural products. (Also wonderfully cruelty free. Thank you.) The scents are divine, and the products are absolutely beautiful. Utilized in other exclusive properties (such as the Park Hyatt spa in Sydney), you can be assured of excellence.

Our product development always stayed true to our personal passion for the protection of animals, the environment, and being a business that benefited others. We sourced and researched the impact of our ingredients and methods of production, to ensure iKOU was an ethical and sustainable business from the start.” – iKou

This philosophy aligns with the values of Hermes Estate, and we knew iKou was the brand with whom we must partner for our lovely guests.


Beautiful body and bathroom products from iKOU, all natural and organic bathroom products


Welcome Gift Receive a welcome gift from Hermes Estate Luxury RetreatUpon arrival, you will find a dear little hamper full of lovely goodies carefully selected for you. Some of the items are secret, yet you may find included some iKOU products, a 24kt gold Hermes Estate pen, luxury chocolates, Dom Perignon champagne, and other valuable personalized treasures. This way you can take home some of the Hermes Estate experience with you.

The wax melts, bath salts and stress-relieving scented oil included in the gift box are the same that are used throughout the Villa and in your private day spa studio. In addition, you’ll be welcomed by fresh flowers throughout the villa and fresh fruit bowls.

The welcome gift is just our way of making you feel appreciated, and sharing some of the blissful, calming energy you will absorb during your visit. Whatever will make your stay more memorable, pleasant and fulfilling, is our great pleasure to offer you.

*Additional gift hampers may be purchased at A$700ea




Scent is such an evocative thing, bringing and creating memories of occasions and items. While the natural scents of the cut grass, summer blossoms, fresh rain, freshly cut flowers and more abound at Hermes Estate, within the living area most people enjoy a fresh scent to conjure relaxation or revitalization. We will inquire with you prior to your arrival, as to your preferred scent (if any).

In addition to our villa-wide freshening scent, you may select from refreshing lemongrass, relaxing lavender, a calming de-stress blend (our personal favorite), or sweet vanilla. Alternatively, if you have a favorite scent of your own, we are more than happy to utilize it in your private room or throughout the villa, at your behest.

We are all about personal attention and details. Your preferred scent is just one of the personalized touches throughout Hermes Estate. Please let us know in your initial booking details.


floral beauty scent, real fresh flowers and essential oil burner at hermes estate


We have chosen the most luxurious bedding for you to enjoy; feel as though you’re floating on a cloud, enveloped in comfort. Our carefully selected Sealy® Crown Jewel® ultra-plush pillow top mattresses ensure you are perfectly supported, yet lovingly nestled.

You’ll never want to leave. In addition, we have selected 350 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and slips, with the option of similar thread count bamboo sheets and slips. (One might think the higher the thread count, the higher the comfort; not so. Studies have confirmed 300-400 thread count is the optimum thread count for cozy bedding. Double ply of course.)

We offer a menu of pillow options for your ultimate comfort. Firm or soft, high or low, latex, microfiber and 700 loft goose down feather  (ethically sourced) pillows are all available for you at your request. We also have body pillows, boomerang pillows, and other support pillows to ensure your sleep is as uninterrupted and restful as possible. The bedspreads and cushions are premium quality, made in the USA. They’re laundered and sanitized after every single guest in our own on-site commercial laundry, to ensure a pristine, hygienic and sumptuous environment for you.


'Luxurious bedding at Hermes Estate


Our choice of linen is based not on its ability to last, but on its comfort for you. Fluffy, soft and absorbent, your bathrobes, towels, floor mats, hand towels and face washers are all of premium, sumptuous quality. Even the kitchen hand towels are plush and comforting. Sanitized as well as laundered, you can be assured of pristine hygiene throughout the villa.


Fluffy soft towels for the bathroom


Your private chef will prepare your delicious meals in the villa’s beautiful granite kitchen. Our French executive chef is a skilled, experienced professional, and creates intricate beauty on your plate, with balanced nutrition and incredible, tantalizing flavors. You will be asked about your dietary requirements, preferences and restrictions during your consultation, when booking your accommodations. Our wellness menus are nutritionist-created and approved.

You can read about the cuisine provided here.

Gourmet granite private kitchenBetween dining times, the Villa kitchen is at your disposal if necessary. We provide for your every need, and prefer you have your butler bring you everything you desire. However if you decide you want to prepare a snack, store some locally purchased groceries, or perhaps exercise your inner chef, you’re welcome. Some of you may prefer to create your own gourmet masterpieces in our beautiful granite kitchen.

To facilitate that, some basic items you might need have been thoughtfully supplied. We will add or remove any items at your request. While Hermes Estate is focused on whole-food, plant based eating, (the only lifestyle proven to reverse/ prevent heart disease and other modern day diseases like obesity and diabetes), a few goodies with which to indulge yourself can be provided upon request.  (Available to non-wellness guests only).

While we are Vegan friendly, we’re not military-extreme or judgmental – You are free to consume what you like during your stay, unless you’re undergoing a wellness treatment. As part of many of the special wellness treatments offered, (should you partake of them), we will introduce you to high quality eating and thinking patterns to improve your current and long term health and vitality. There’s no point living longer if you’re not vital!

Side note; ‘Vegan’ is an ethical stance, not a diet. There are many, many types of Vegan eating styles, as long as it doesn’t include non-human animal products, derived from control of and cruelty towards animals. A Vegan doesn’t want to contribute to the use and abuse of animals. A Vegan lifestyle can still be unhealthy; potato crisps can be ‘Vegan’ (no animal product or secretions included), but they’re not exactly healthy. The eating plan for health, environmental care and Vegan alignment with protection of animals, is a whole-food plant-based diet. (Oil-free for the most part.)

Whole food, plant-based eating is the lifestyle that really works, unlike marketed money-making fad diets. Good, healthful food doesn’t need advertisements. Any choices or changes you make for your health must come from you, or they won’t last. So our qualified nutritionist give you all the information, scientific facts and studies, for you to draw your own conclusions for your own health.

Our clean lifestyle isn’t about our forcing beliefs onto others. It’s about educating and empowering others who want information, and questioning why we force our beliefs onto other sentient beings. An open mind is always number one, and there is no pressure whatsoever for those who are simply visiting to relax and eat their favorite dishes.

Subject to your dietary requests and requirements, we’ll provide appropriate dishes to support your system as you unwind and revitalize. Wonderfully organic, life-giving, tasty nutrients await you. Given that nutrient deficiency is thought to be the starting point for almost all non-genetic illness, nutrition is a subject worth giving a lot of consideration.

For those inclined towards culinary skills, we provide black pepper, cumin, oregano, fresh and dry rosemary, thyme, chili and local organic garlic. Other provisions can include organic extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, virgin and refined coconut oils, and Himalayan salt, as well as fresh local milk*, cheese* and butter*.

(*Dairy products are contraindicated for those undergoing detoxification, weight loss, anti-ageing, skin repair or convalescing treatments. Please consider eliminating dairy from your diet permanently. You will not only further support the eradication of damaging mucus blockages from your body, which can eventually cause disease. You will also no longer contribute to the harsh cruelty of the mass dairy industry.)

Breakfast time? Fresh fruit is always best, the easiest food for humans to digest. At your request, nourishing oats can be provided, as well as (outside of our wellness menu) organic free-living eggs from local pet chickens, and wonderful locally made fresh bread & buttery croissants. You can also enjoy raw sugar, premium honey and jams, plus the famous Australian Vegemite of course, all made available for you. Mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, natural yogurt, fresh squeezed organic apple or orange juice, fresh fruit and bottled pure Cape Grim water can all be available for you, assuming you are not undergoing an above-mentioned treatment where some of these items are contraindicated.

Whether you’re following our nutritionist-approved eating plans within one of the wellness treatments, or choosing your own cuisine from our chef’s exquisite menus, high quality is always the focus at Hermes Estate. We recommend the pure, fresh, reverse-osmosis UV filtered water provided straight from our crystal clear Never Never River for pure cleansing and hydrating. Enjoy it straight from the kitchen tap! You may enjoy a tipple from a complimentary bottle of Penfolds wine or Dom Perignon champagne (non-wellness guests only).  Please consume these ’empty calories’ responsibly, and support your body with love by eating fresh, wholesome fuel as much as possible. ♥

**If you’re detoxing/ managing your weight, or you live a wholefood, plant-based, raw vegan or vegetarian clean lifestyle, and prefer to have no unwanted items in view, please let us know! We’ll happily support you on your wonderful journey to health and vitality by removing anything that doesn’t align with your choices.


Organic kitchen needs provided


Books, Books, Books! ♥  We’ve created a wonderful little library collection for you to indulge your inner bookworm. Nothing wrong with a little Bibliophilia.. Click here to read about our featured library area. Our beautiful biblioteque holds titles from many different genres, languages and eras. Many rare and antique pre-1800s and first editions grace the shelves in our collection.

Please ask your butler to provide you with fresh white cotton gloves, and please be gentle; some of the antique books have delicate spines. The scent of old books is heavenly, isn’t it? The Estate owner can often be found in eccentric little bookstores and estate auctions around the world, sniffing and acquiring old books!

We also stock many general novels, childhood favorites and other modern reading material, should you prefer something more contemporary or nostalgic.


Hermes Estate private library, first edition antique books