Due to the pandemic, Hermes Estate can no longer comfortably bring staff on site for its VIP guests.

The landlords have been working on other projects since early 2020, and have leased the estate to us until at least 2027. The Hermes Estate brand continues to provide & expand on its gift products.

We are therefore now operating as contactless ‘Hermitage Estate’ until the pandemic effects pass.

Guests will no longer have personalised bespoke pampering, (private buttler, chef, chauffeur, executive assistant, daily spa treatments, open bar, turn down, gifts and unlimited provisions etc) at 22,000 per night.

Instead, guests will enjoy a sumptuous yet contactless environment, with all the spacious beauty of the estate and luxury provisions at 2800 per night.

The booking party will still be the only exclusive guests on site, with the Estate all to themselves.

Please visit here to book

~ Julia

Romantic Elopements

Marry Your Love Privately

Committing to the one you love is such a sacred, personal moment.

Some people like to share it with hundreds, shouting it from the rooftops. Others prefer privacy to maintain the secret world between them and their partner. Are you looking to avoid all the hoopla and just elope? Do you and your Love dream of a secluded, tranquil sanctuary in nature, where you can say your special vows and be bonded in romantic wedded bliss? Not everyone classes a huge party as an enjoyable event. And not everyone wants to share their private, special day with too many people.

Many couples these days are looking to make their wedding day a secret and private affair. Staying somewhere beautiful where this can occur on site is the dream elopement wedding for many. To be able to elope and have your honeymoon in the same luxury location is ideal for just being together, and special.

Especially if an expensive outfit is not wanted. Many brides are opting out of the big wedding gown drama, and choosing a tasteful item that can be worn again, with beautiful memories attached. Gay couples may want to avoid all the scrutiny and attention, keeping their nuptials meaningful and deeply personal. This can be a feature of your secret nuptials, making the day breezy and beautiful. Have the best day ever, with your best friend.

If you and your Love are seeking a private, serene, gorgeous setting in which to tie the knot in secret, Hermes Estate is the perfect location. We do Not provide for weddings, (i.e. parties and groups of people), but we do offer romantic elopements for those of you seeking a luxurious yet secret ceremony. What about a surprise proposal and impromptu secret wedding? Or just a private surprise engagement? Renewing your wedding vows? Wedding anniversary? Our luxurious and secluded atmosphere is ideal. Exclusive and intimate, just as you like it. And the only way to wed inside the gorgeous Promised Land.

Not only would it be our absolute honor to share in your special day as your witnesses to the sacred occasion, we would also love to see your incredible photos of the day, with exclusive access to the grounds for wedding photo shoots. The lovely gardens and the stunning views make for a breathtaking backdrop. From mountain vistas, to the calm, gently bubbling river, to the cozy picnic spots under the towering pines, there are hundreds of locations for magnificent photos to be taken.

Especially suited to private celebrity and vip weddings, Hermes Estate offers a 100% private location for an elopement that nobody need know about but you and your special One. ♥  What better place to declare your love, than in the loving energy of this beautiful location? Hermes Estate is a paparazzi-free zone, ensuring your beautiful moments remain exclusively between you and the ones you allow. Then you have full control over when and where your images are released, if at all. Contact us today to book your private elopement and honeymoon package.


Lush formal gardens at Hermes Estate


Hermes Estate luxury villa living area


Overhead view of Hermes Estate grounds and formal gardens