Due to the pandemic, Hermes Estate can no longer comfortably bring staff on site for its VIP guests.

The landlords have been working on other projects since early 2020, and have leased the estate to us until at least 2027. The Hermes Estate brand continues to provide & expand on its gift products.

We are therefore now operating as contactless ‘Hermitage Estate’ until the pandemic effects pass.

Guests will no longer have personalised bespoke pampering, (private buttler, chef, chauffeur, executive assistant, daily spa treatments, open bar, turn down, gifts and unlimited provisions etc) at 22,000 per night.

Instead, guests will enjoy a sumptuous yet contactless environment, with all the spacious beauty of the estate and luxury provisions at 2800 per night.

The booking party will still be the only exclusive guests on site, with the Estate all to themselves.

Please visit here to book

~ Julia

Sleep Management

Learn To Achieve Deep Rest

Sleep is one of the pillars of health, and is more important than we think. Meanwhile, we skip sleep all the time, and burn the candle at both ends. Some people have lost the ability to doze into a deep sleep. Others suffer from insomnia, meaning sleep is all but impossible for hours and hours.

At Hermes Estate, we can show you what to remove, and what to include, in order to put yourself into a state of relaxation, in order to drop into a deep, safe-feeling sleep. Much needed by the body for recovery, cognitive function, mood, even weight control.


learn relaxation to reach deep sleep