Early in 2021, a vindictive ex-journalist and her journalist friend wrote and published a nasty, mean-spirited article full of lies in a major newspaper, attempting to disparage the reputation of the owner and the Estate out of petty retaliation, simply because the owner had asked to be left alone. (Is it any wonder, with people like this in society.) Since the publication gleefully refuses to correct the article full of falsities, we will correct it here.

In reality, the owner has been in the IT & design industries for many, many years, and has registered all manner of business names and domain names for clients, while designing and developing their websites and databases. A simple call to any of the establishments mentioned in the article will quickly reveal the truth.

Anyone who remembers websites from the mid 90s to early 2000s will remember that in order to purchase a .com.au domain name at that time, one needed to have a corresponding registered business name. This was all part and parcel of the company’s scope of works for several Australian-based clients.

The article was written with the sole intent to try to cause damage, including the petty act of implying the fully registered and legal Estate was a house of ill repute, and adding almost a decade to the owner’s real age. While the owner and everyone who knows her found the attempt amusing and benign, the record needs to be set straight for the sake of the Estate:

Neither the owner, nor Hermes Estate have any association whatsoever with any adult companies or activity, nor have in the past, other than the owner having created websites and branding for them, and the actions associated with that.




Hermes Estate is comprised of two exclusive, luxurious suites inside one private villa. As our guest, you hire the entire five acre Estate, complete with private Butler, private five star Chef, and daily housekeeping of the exquisite accommodations.

A private library, small but divine, houses many antique and first edition leather-bound books. Enjoy a fresh water river, outdoor spa, secret garden, and open complimentary bar. A fireplace bounces golden light off the chandeliers and grand piano in Winter, and the scent of Jasmine wafts through the air as you dine al-fresco by candlelight in Summer.

The resplendent gardens, nightly gifts, and many local activities will ensure your visit is beyond pampering. When you need to be ensconced in the very finest, romantic countryside getaway, Hermes Estate brings opulent luxury and absolute privacy together. The Estate is forecast to re-open for international guests in 2021/ 2022.