The Hermes Project

Sharing Blessings

“The practice of charity will bind us – will bind all men in one great brotherhood.” – Conrad Hilton

Sharing is Caring. Share positive energy with charitable donations
Sharing is Caring – Share Positive Energy

What Is The Hermes Project?

Noblesse oblige! It was with great joy that the Hermes Project was created, as a way to share our blessings and love with others. Sharing our blessings with less fortunate or struggling others is a great privilege, nay a duty, as we acknowledge that it is only by the grace of God that any of us are not in similar difficulties.

The owner was raised by charitable grandparents who taught the importance of gratitude, generosity, and helping others. Knowing others can feel relief, safety and comfort by our care and contribution is a great responsibility that is close to all our hearts. Our Hermes Project is dedicated to all the grandparents who pass on morals and kindness as virtues.


How Does It Work?

Every year, Hermes Estate donates a percentage of its income to some local charities and essential services, such as The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre, Bellingen hospital and Rural Aid, to mention a few.

Every time you are a guest in our beautiful villa, or buy a gift voucher for someone else to be our guest, you will be a part of the Hermes Project, and be helping to make the world a better place. ❤️


Thank you

We believe we can change the world together, if we all give a little – after all, small choices compound over time.  Make them positive choices. These charities and services have a special meaning for us, and we hope our small contributions can make a difference in the lives of our fellow humans and furry friends. All living things deserve to feel safe and comfortable. We are all One.

Thank you to all our guests and donating angels for helping us to reach our targets, and share more positive energy & love. Like ripples in a pond, a little love given can create a spark of hope, and be shared on, in an endless, wonderful domino effect. ♥   Love ripples. We like them. : )


Sharing is caring - share love and assistance to those in need